Electronic Freight System Pvt. Ltd. (EFSPL) provides end-to-end software solutions for the documentation, compliances, clearance and tracking of goods and services being transported globally. At EFS, in collaboration with our technology partners - CHAMP Cargo (SITA) and Microsoft, and other strategic alliances, we utilize state-of-the-art technology to meet the ever-increasing critical demands of today's Logistics businesses.

EFSPL, as a provider of Software on demand delivery model, enables its clients globally to handle their Freight Documents electronically and maintain an individualized database through a single software platform. Besides the carrier itself, EFS functions as the Web-based clearing-house between Customs, receiver of import documents (Consignee/Forwarder), uploader of cargo documents and directly concerned custom stations (Shipper).

The web based platform of EFS delivers flexible tools to help organizations manage the supply chain by enabling collaboration between shippers and logistics providers. Our platform is designed to provide the most seamless way to ship freight globally, allowing our clients access to their account from any location in the world. EFS guarantees instant delivery of legally valid original electronic trade and shipping documents from certificates and receipts to documents of title. We are continually working with new and existing carriers to expand our coverage area, improve service quality and lower prices.