Electronic Freight System is completely e-freight enabled, facilitating our Customers send and receive messages of any type and format. If your current systems are not e-freight compliant, Electronic Freight System (EFS) provides you the capability to start today.

EFS add unique value and expertise know-how to our clients’ transportation structure. Our personnel are fully committed to provide truly dedicated and personalized services to each of our clients. Our goal is to ensure seamless transactions using existing or, tailor-made interfaces for our clients.

Our spectrum of services includes:

  • Global trade and logistics applications
  • Paper free Services
  • Online Marine (Air & Sea) Insurance
  • Secured means for sending, receiving, storing and retrieving invoices in real-time electronically
  • Compliance capability with Customs and Excise requirements for advance electronic data
  • Complete suite of integrated functional modules to handle the execution of the entire service supply chain
  • Business integration and connectivity solutions

EFS provide single source accountability to customers, for easily managing any documentation required for operations, legal, compliance and customs purposes. It provides greater data accessibility and security of trade documents such as Shipping Bill, Bill of Entry, Certificates of Quality, Quantity, Origin, etc., Compliance documents such as Manifests, Customs documents such as Electronic Compliance Documents, etc. that are integrated within the application.

EFS provide applications that allow for most of the Logistics processes to be conducted electronically, thereby simplifying the business and eliminating costs of paper printing, handling and processing. It helps in saving time by significantly decreasing the waiting time to process freight and increases productivity through its seamless architecture. Our solutions help reduce carbon footprint and contribute to a greener world.

EFS global trade software assists simplifying the complexity people face in the areas of compliance, customs and freight forwarding. Providing extra controls to handle critical order management information, it enables trade communication electronically, securely, swiftly and collaboratively; and simplifies complex processes worldwide.